About Jane Evans

Jane offers an accessible insight into the way we ‘tick’ using simplified brain and relational science so there is no longer any ‘mystery’ to underlying anxieties, frustrations and confusion at home or work.

The most frequent and heartfelt feedback she receives from her clients, and when she speaks and trains is, “that makes sense”.

Jane has worked hard to understand anxiety and how it has been such a barrier in her relationship with herself, her child, and in accessing her ‘greatness’. Doing this work has transformed her life.

Jane now shares her journey in her inspirational and captivating speaking, coaching, writing and training so everyone can tap in to more joy as a partner, parent and carer.

Watch Jane’s TEDx talk here.


About Bea Marshall

Bea is the Founder of Yes Parenting, a way to raise children without using common parenting practices which require fear and control. Bea supports parents to find a Yes to joy, peace and connection with themselves, their partners and their children.

Bea’s work has led her into a wide ranging understanding of why we, and our children, behave as we do. She is passionate about helping parents understand that there’s no such thing as bad behaviour, instead understanding that all behaviour is communication. So much of what Bea knows now she has learned from her two sons, currently age 14 and 12.

Bea shares her skills and knowledge in the role of Parenting Expert within the media, EFT Therapist and Parenting Coach, working with individuals and families from around the world.

Watch Bea’s TEDx talk here.